Winter 2013 – 2014 One for the Record Books

The staff at Public Works & Wastewater battled the ice, snow and frigid temperatures daily during the worst storms the Bay has experienced in nearly 30 years according to John Tyer, the man leading his team in this year’s battle with Mother Nature.

Some numbers that speak to the magnitude of the effort –
1. Total man-hours expended on roadways was 1,410, including some 450 hours of overtime.
2. Over 20 Tons of salt was used.
3. Eleven dump truck loads with 132 tons of sand were used.

The ice was brutal on aged equipment, destroying both a plow and a sander.
Daily battles were waged to keep waste treatment plants operating in spite of constant freezing of components.
Repeated assistance from road crews to enable EMS and police to perform their urgent services.

The financial impact –
Labor – $30,000
Materials – $4,300
Equipment Repairs – $2,800
Equipment Replacement – $8,400 (pending)
Total Impact from this winter’s events exceeds $45,000.

Lessons were learned through these events that will better prepare us for future events. Input from citizens and the Public Works team offered several suggestions for improving our effectiveness in the future. They include:
1. Strategic placement of sand/salt in areas remote to the the public utilities facility, speeding delivery of more road treatment materials to areas as needed. This will reduce the non value added travel time currently utilized to reload materials.
2. Upgrading to more efficient sand/salt spreading equipment is being considered for future capital expenditures.

Please be aware that the City, through contract with the Club, absorbs a portion of the costs for maintaining the roadways, but the financial impact on our community is a significant one. It was a difficult winter in the Bay. Thankfully, we have a dedicated staff at Public Works and Wastewater that succeeded in the battle against Mother Nature, making the best of an extremely difficult situation. Please be sure to give a big thank you to these folks when you next see them serving the community.

John Tyer Darin Lyles
Robert Collister Bradley Davidson
George Haynes Gary Guess
Jay Jacobs Otto Leszek
Jim Staples Mark Berry
Josh Weaver Roy White
Mitch Cates Elizabeth Beach
Michael Goodnight Keith Johnson
Alan Smith John Evans
Johnny Crews Lela Johnson
Steven Worthing Josh Brightwell

Community Club Board of Directors
Dwayne Miller

PS: And regrettably our staff is still in battle with Mother Nature following this past weekend’s storm. – and costs continue to grow.

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