Wildlife Expo

ISE_3D_PopUp_Archery_Range-300x225Cornerstone Ministries Outreach announces an all day family event at the Van Buren County Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 29. Gates open at 7:30 a.m. with admission for adults $15, kids under 10 free. Call 501-757-1306 to inquire about where to get $10 advance tickets.

Some of the events are:
•Bow Shoot
•Big Buck Contest
•Wild Game Picture Contest (game camera pictures)
•BB Gun Contest for kids under 10
•Turkey Hunting Seminar & Contest
•Duck Dynasty Look-A-Like Contest

Many more events are planned with prizes awarded for each event.
Dinner will be included in admission price to the first 400 people through the gates. All proceeds benefit the Cornerstone Ministries Outreach. For further information, call 501-757-1306

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