The Christmas Mouse

All was quiet and still
The Family asleep, their bellies filled.
Dad lay awake in the hay,
it had been such a good day.
He wondered if his friends were as happy as him.
They were living at the inn.
He was just drifting off to sleep,
when he heard the sound of feet.
Two weary travelers had found his home,
they were welcome as long as they left him alone.
He snuggled deeper in the hay and was soon fast asleep.
But come morning, what a sight his eyes did meet,
for instead of two there were now three,
he took a closer peek to see, then fell down on his knees.
Why he’s the one who created me!
Now this little mouse he knew what he had to do.
For him and his family were on the move,
they had to go spread the good news.
So from generation to generation there would
always be a Christmas Mouse,
going from house to house.
So if you should see a little furry thing, run across the floor,
you might think twice before chasing him out the door,
he might be a Christmas Mouse,
looking to see if he can find jesus at your house.

Written by Mary Martin Dec. 19, 2004

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