Students More Interested In The Arts Than Texting

Fred Hilsenrath

StudentsOur community listened to a magnificent concert at the Presbyterian,s Church. For the third time, Carolyn and Steve Warner and James Umble came to Fairfield Bay. Carolyn and Steve are members of the Cleveland Philharmonic and James Umble teaches classical saxophone at Youngstown University. Their virtuoso expertise is unbelievable it took my breath away.

We were so privileged to have the finest classical performers come to our little town. I thought about our enthusiastic reaction to the performance. All of us feel a need to expand beyond satisfying our daily needs. This may be to understand our universe, it may be the expression of Art or the spiritual abandon to Religion. Concerning art, I feel that the most intense impact comes from music. Music reverberates in my soul, excites my brain and fills me with admiration for the skill of the performers. The Trio, of course, received a standing ovation. The Warners and James Umble gave our town more than just the Sunday performance. On Monday they gave a concert to our West Side students. They explained the musical selections and played as beautifully to the children as in the church. The students were very attentive. It was wonderful that the students got the experience of classical music, since that is not what they hear on a daily basis. After the concert the trio left time for questions and answers. Most students had their hands up to ask questions. All were intelligent questions and to the point. Carolyn, Steve and James answered as many questions as time allowed. It was a refreshing experience to see our students so intensely interested.

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