On Patrol

May – July 2013

Summer is quickly passing by and soon school will start again. Please be extra cautious in the early morning and late afternoon so we can keep our youngsters safe. I have not written this column in several months as I got no feedback good or bad in quite a while. Recently I have had several people ask why it was stopped. Well its back and I will write it once a month from here on out.

The last three months have been very busy and here is a list of calls for that period. 3 suspicious persons checked, 20 accidents, 16 domestic disturbance calls, 4 criminal trespassing complaints, 9 people picked up on outstanding warrants, 3 reports of elder abuse and 2 stolen vehicles (both recovered). We also answered 2 criminal mischief calls, 4 animal calls, 2 fires, 3 suspicious vehicles checked, 1 report of vandalism, 3 motorist assists, 13 general disturbance calls, 4 reports of harassment, 16 theft reports, 1 terroristic threat complaint. We also had 2 runaways, 2 missing persons reports, 1 naked man at the campground, 3 residential burglary reports, served papers on 3 people, 2 fraud cases, 1 illegal dumping, assisted the Sheriffs office 4 times and had 127 public service calls.

During the period 22 arrests were made, 14 traffic citations issued and 5 non traffic citations issued. Traffic stops included 1 running stop sign, 12 defective equipment, 11 speeding, 2 driving on suspended license, 1 expired tags, 3 suspicious vehicles, 3 no license plate, 1 driving wrong way on one way and 2 illegal parking. Warrants were processed on 17 persons and 43 investigations were opened.

Please feel free to E-mail me at [email protected] I really appreciate any feed back good or bad. Be safe and have a great month.

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