On Patrol January 2013

By Chris Waring

We have seen a marked increase in residential burglaries and thefts from local residences. We have recovered a large amount of stolen property recently and also arrested or filed affidavits for arrest of several people for these crimes. There are a few things you can do to reduce your likelihood of it happening to you. If you can afford it have an alarm system installed (many insurance companies give substatial discounts for this), install motion sensitive lights outdoors, put some interior lights and a tv on a timer. If your going to be gone for an extended period insure you stop your mail, get someone to clean up leaves and make the place look lived in. Call our department 884-6005 and get put on the away list so we can keep an eye on things. Get a friend or neighbor to look after your place when gone. Above all else, if you see a vehicle or a person who don’t belong in your neighborhood call us and we will check them out. If we work together we can help to reduce these crimes considerably.

Calls for January included court papers served on 2 people, 6 disturbance calls, 4 suspicious vehicles checked, 1 missing child located, 3 residential burglaries and 3 calls of animals running loose. We also handled 2 welfare checks, 1 gas drive off solved, we euthanized a sick dog, 2 petty theft reports, 1 report of an assault, 6 accidents (thanks to the snow), 3 domestic disturbance calls, 1 report of fraud and 113 public service calls.

Traffic stops for January include 3 expired license plates, 3 no license plate, 3 speeding, 4 not stopping at stop signs and 8 for defective equipment. 4 traffic citations were issued and 10 non traffic citations were issued. Arrests included 3 for outstanding warrants, 2 disorderly conduct, 2 public intoxication, 1 fleeing, 3 driving on suspended license, 3 possesion of controlled substance and 2 for possesing an instrument of crime. 17 affadavits were forwarded to the prosecutor for various charges. The arrests for the burglaries were made by other agencies with our assistance after serving search warrants. Questions or comments are welcome E-mail me at [email protected] Please be safe and have a good month.

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