Here Comes the Sun!

Did you know spending just 10 minutes exposed to sunshine allows the ultraviolet-B rays to work their magic and improve the body’s ability to absorb healthy nutrients.

The focus of stay out of the sun is one of those things that can be taken to extreme and next thing ya know you’re being told you are Vitamin D deficient! Vitamin replacements are no match to “the Natural State” of getting your Vitamin D.

So get on out there, & grab that 10 minutes of Sun relaxing on the porch, by the lake, or take a walk in the park or along one of our many Great Trails. The added bonus is your Spirit gets lifted too. Your skin cells actually use the ultraviolet rays to synthesize vitamin D which helps the intestines absorb calcium and phosphorus.  Without this process, bones would be brittle and the immune system would be very weak. Vitamin D can also balance the calcium in the body and prevent osteoporosis and arthritis, as well as regulate blood pressure and relieve issues involving inflammation, stress, body aches and depression. Still not convinced or maybe the Sun is just not your thing; well then make sure you add some of these needed food sources to your diet:

Goat’s Milk, Fish, fortified Cereals, Cheese, and Butter to supply some of that “D”. That’s it for this time….Hopefully I’ll see you around the Bay, enjoying the Sun!

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