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Dan Feuer /Editor

The Community Club and City held a joint Town Hall to discuss their budgets for 2013. There was standing room only for this meeting because of the news that the newspaper will no longer be in existence in print. Members are concerned that they will not be able to get information as they were accustomed to getting of events upcoming in the Bay.

Mayor/GM Paul Wellenberger let everyone know that everything is being done to have the Fairfield Bay News remain in print, one possibility is a Fairfield Bay section of the Van Buren County Democrat simular to the Three Rivers section of the Arkansas Gazette. This could be a win win scenario for both the Democrat and the citizens of Fairfield Bay. Other alternatives are being considered as well.

Club President Robert McBride, and Mayor Paul Wellenberger each took turns discussing successess each entity accomplished in 2012 and plans for 2013. Mayor Wellenberger presented the city’s budget with projected revenues of 2,915K with expenses at 2,834K resulting in a surplus of 81K.

Club President McBride presented the Club’s budget showing 2013 projected revenues of 6,444K. The breakdown from Dues & road fees are 2,959K with earned revenue of 3,485K. Total expenditures come to 6,377K with the bulk going to Waste Water, Public Works, and the Marina.

After the departure of John Spies the Board changed their direction from club management to a standard business model. The city and the club must still function as two entities in order to receive the benefits of each.

The reality is that Club dues continue to decrease about 5% each year, and this drection needs to reverse with a strategic marketing plan.

Club Vice President, Dwayne Miller discussed the marketing plan and stated that there was a 27% rise in the number of units sold from 2011 to 2012. Existing real estate is a bargain at an avg. of $51 per square foot. The marketing thrust is aimed at the absentee property owners because this is the best place to buy or build a house and live. “We want to revived the dream to those owners that bought here,” said Miller.

With Signature events throughout the year and promotions, visitors coming to the Bay will spend their vacation dollars here instead of going to Mountain View and see that there is plenty to do in Fairfield Bay and share those experiences with family and friends.

Thanks to the efforts of Sheryl Paxton in reformatting the welcome breakfast, people come away from the meeting impressed with the presentation because it’s all about things to do in Fairfield Bay and not about being pressured into buying additional points. One of the most powerful tools from the welcome breakfast is being able to get email addresses to keep in touch with the visitors for future events.

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