Grants and Funding Projects

Conference Center Kitchen Grant Received

The City of Fairfield Bay is pleased to announce the receipt of a General Improvement Grant, sponsored by our State Senator, Ms. Missy Irvin, in the amount of $45,000 to refurbish the Fairfield Bay Conference Center kitchen.  This is the second grant Senator Irvin acquired for the Conference Center (the first was to establish Wi-Fi capability throughout the Center).  With all the events scheduled, it is very important to have a kitchen outfitted to give our guests first class dining experiences.  The City if very grateful to Senator Irvin for her support of Fairfield Bay.


City Receives Paint Recycling Grant

The City of Fairfield Bay is pleased to announce the receipt of a grant from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to establish a paint recycling capability at the Hippe Recycling Center.   Paint in liquid form cannot be sent to our landfill but can be in solid form.  The $3,350 project includes the purchase of an 8 foot by 9 foot by 20 foot container and 1 ton of absorbent material.  This new addition will be another important new capability at our recycling center.  Congratulations to the Hippe Recycling team.  More details will follow after the capability is brought on board.


Castle Ridge Paving Funding Authorized

The City of Fairfield Bay is pleased to announce that the City Aid Street Program has approved $220,000 to resurface Castle Ridge, from Snead Drive, to East Blue Ridge Terrace and pave the rest of the way to a connection with Circle Acres Drive.  This project will create a fourth paved entrance to Fairfield Bay off of Highway 16.  This important project will shorten the drive for residents from the East side of Fairfield Bay area to Greers Ferry and Heber Springs an average of 1.8 miles and add a shorter route for emergency vehicles when transporting patients to the hospital in Heber Springs.  The Fairfield Bay Community Club will widen the existing gravel sections to 20 feet prior to paving.  The paving is expected to be done in August of 2014.  A special thanks to Toby Glyde for the identification of this need, to Alderman Robert Otis for coordinating and prioritizing with Mr. David Mayo from the City Aid Street Program, and to John Tyer from Public Works for technical discussions with Mr. Mayo.


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