February Offers New Hands-On Course In Stained Glass

FFB Community Education Center is constantly on the lookout for new instructors who can teach new material to our residents and visitors who are always hungry for new challenges. FFB residents Pete and Elisabeth Ave-Lallemont have volunteered their services and are happy to introduce anyone interested to the art of Stained Glass, so this course was listed on the new schedule. Quite a few people are excited about learning an art form that is so beautiful and will make a lasting memory.

Pete and Elisabeth stopped by on Thursday to discuss their plans for how this class will be structured, finding the space we have available in the art/kitchen classroom to be perfect for their purposes. Everyone taking this class will be learning about the basics and making a small piece in the process. For those wishing to learn more in-depth, the couple is more than willing to extend themselves and continue the classes.

The Ave-Lallemonts are full time residents here in the Bay, having visited here for the first time on a Wyndham vacation years ago. Over the years, they made repeat visits, enjoying our area and ultimately deciding to make Fairfield Bay their fulltime residence in retirement several years ago.  According to Elisabeth, her desire to make a suncatcher turned into a joint passion for creating stained glass, growing from a short class such as the one they will teach us in February, to the point where they have been commissioned to make stained glass windows now installed in many churches over several states. Pete and Liz shared their portfolio photos of some of their works and they are very happy to encourage others to try their hand at crafting their own visions in stained glass.

The class will be three sessions long, and meet weekly during February on Mondays from 4 to 6 p.m. on 2/10, 2/17 and 2/24 during which time each student will learn the basic techniques employed to create a stained glass treasure of their own. The class size is limited to six students, but they will teach the class as many times as we have interested participants. For more information, contact the Education Center by emailing to: [email protected] or by calling us at 501-884-4440. We are located in the Village Mall at 130 Village Lane, Bldg 5, Suite E.  If contacting us by mail, our address is PO Box 1400, Fairfield Bay, AR 72088. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon.


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