Fairfield Bay Urban Deer Hunt By The Numbers

The 2012 Fairfield Bay Urban Deer Hunt is complete. Here are the numbers for the past two seasons.

Type Deer                                            2011 Season                                   2012 Season
Harvested                                            Number / Percent                         Number / Percent

Bucks 8 point or better                     25 deer 10%                                    35 deer 12%
Small Bucks 7 point or less             67 deer 25%                                    84 deer 29%
Doe                                                      172 deer 65%                                   173 deer 59%

Numbers by Date                             2011 Season                                    2012 Season
Month                                                 Number / Percent                          Number / Percent
September                                          183 deer 70%                                   136 deer 47%
October                                                 55 deer 21%                                      71 deer 24%
November                                             17 6% (11 days)                              52 deer 18%
December 0 –                                   Season closed                                    23 deer 8%
January                                                 9 deer 3%                                         10 deer 3%

Total Deer Harvested                            264                                              292

Deer Density per Square Mile        After 2011 Season                        After 2012 Season

Start 150 deer sq mile                      138 deer sq mile                           144 deer sq mile

One hunter killed 32 deer and several hunters killed over a dozen deer. Some hunters never released an arrow. All hunting equipment had to be removed from Fairfield Bay property by January 31, 2013 at the close of the season. Numerous Fairfield Bay residents value wildlife and the natural beauty of our city. We create wildlife friendly environments in our backyards with feeders and bird houses. In our community people and wild animals frequently come into contact. The objective is to make it easier for people and wildlife to live together. Our city counsel will decide by resolution probably during March whether or not to have a 2013 deer hunt. Your comments about this past hunt and future hunts are solicited. You may contact your city council with comments, provide comments to the mayor’s office, or Randy Wells, Chairman Fairfield Bay Urban Deer Hunt Committee Chairman. You may also send comments to Mark Harbour, Deer Coordinator, at [email protected] call 501-551-1858 or mail to 120 Choctaw Place, Fairfield Bay, AR 72088.

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