Fairfield Bay Library Enriching Lives

Lifetime Members:

Kathleen & Gordon Bailey,  Ted & Doris Brown,  Jeanne Castro,  Jo Chandler,  Jack Chase,  Charlotte & Edward Cumings,  Linda & Norvin Davis, Mark Davis, DDS Carl Fischer , Marti Herren,  Dolores Hietbrink,  Doris & Jim Hillhouse,  Elizabeth Hope,  Judith Johnsen,  Dick & Bonnie Kellenberg,  Dean Luethje,  Mike & Deena McAllister,  Kadie & William McElwain,  Robert McBride,  Larry Onstott,  Bonnie & Larry Raymond,  Sue Robb,  Elizabeth Simms,  Gary Wall,  Sally & Chuck Wheatley,  Doris Wilkinson,  Mike & Patty Yarbro,  Stas’ & Terry Ziolkowski, Anonymous (3).

Thank you to all of our patrons for your support of the only volunteer library in the state of Arkansas!

Sara Michael Director,  Fairfield Bay Library  369 Dave Creek Parkway Fairfield Bay, AR 72088

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