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Our Winter E-newsletter was distributed on January 27 to 1642 active contacts gained via our marketing efforts in the past year. These newsletters are intended to remind them of everything they enjoyed or may have missed during a visit to the Bay, and/or create anticipation of a pending visit to the Bay.

Additionally, all 1642 of these contacts are engaged in receiving five email and direct mail promotional contacts in the 12 months following their entry into our automated contact followup system. We have two unique series of communications varied only by whether they have already visited the Bay, or have just inquired about FFB information.

They will receive the quarterly E-newsletters in perpetuity unless they unsubscribe from this service. To quote my teenage granddaughter, we hope they remain our BFF’s (Best Friends Forever).

The Winter E-news is printed on the front page of this newspaper. You can view the actual electronic document with active links to see the extended information available at

Community Club Board of Directors /Dwayne Miller

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