Fairfield Bay & AY Magazine

AY Magazine will be featuring Fairfield Bay in “advertorial” pages in the April, May and October editions this year. Each edition will feature a specific “signature” event hosted by the Bay during the year.

The April edition features a half page ad for “Bloomin’ in the Bay” accompanied by a half page advertorial right above the ad, giving FFB a full page presence in this currently available issue. The May issue will feature “Surf the Bay”, and October will feature “StoryFest at the Bay”. The advertorial format gives us the impact of a full page ad, with the cost of only a half page ad.

AY gives statewide exposure to these events and introduces the Bay to those who don’t already know about us. It also lets those who enjoyed past visits to the Bay know that we are ready to welcome them back. We think they will be impressed with what they see.

AY magazine also hosts many events around the state, where they will be featuring a free “Someday Pass” for guests to register to win. All those registering will receive information about the Bay via our electronic “touch system.”

AY is also featuring the Someday Pass and FFB in their April newsletter to their subscribers. Be sure to pick up your own copy of the April edition of AY magazine soon.

Community Club Board of Directors
Dwayne Miller

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