Education Center Hosts Record Number Of Summer Students

The FFB Community Education Center has been providing one day classes for our residents and timeshare guests all summer long. It’s hard to say who has enjoyed this summer season more: our guests or we, who provide these short classes? It’s so rewarding to meet people from all over the country and have a chance to rub elbows with them in the classrooms.

Our sincere thanks go out to our teaching staff, who have managed to make Fairfield Bay seem a little bit more attractive to all our students. Chuck Dawson’s Ukrainian Egg Decorating classes and Bettye Ann Cooper’s Jewelry Making classes were running neck and neck in popularity. Doris Sexson’s Oil Painting classes stayed busy until Doris cried “uncle” and decided to take the last few weeks of summer off and get some rest. Lee Phillips was never too busy to enlighten visitors about taking better photos or the best ways to use the Internet, even while he opened his own Photographic Art exhibit at the Country Club. (That exhibit is still on display until September 3, in case you haven’t had time to stop by and enjoy his work). Dan Eidson helped quite a few vacationers learn some very useful relaxation techniques and enjoyed helping students learn about or renew basic guitar skills, long forgotten. Additionally, we thank Doug Landry of A+ Insurance Center for sponsoring our Safe Driver Class. The class was well attended by 31 of our residents who can now save at least 5% on their auto insurance over the next three years. We also had a class in First Aid, (with Certificate) from the Red Cross, which was attended by 14 students. A big thanks to our EMS Chief, Bob Chaloupek, for sponsoring the class.

Now, our thoughts turn once again to Fall and with it comes a whole new array of classes available to all in the Greers Ferry Lake area. Look for our new schedule, which will be published in about two weeks. Generally, the schedule will show up in the newspaper, on our facebook page ”Community Education Center at Fairfield Bay” or on our website: If we have your email address, you will receive a personal copy of our schedule to save on your desktop or print out at home. As a last resort, you may pick up a printed copy at the Chamber office or the Library sometime after August 15, 2013.

We’ll offer classes in basic computer skills, digital photography, oil painting , iphone/ipad classes, and possibly an android cell phone class. Chuck Dawson has returned to hold his Ukranian Egg Decorating Classes. Erica Clements will be holding some special classes about Herbs this month, starting with one on lavender and its many uses for the home. This class is a bargain at $15 since the ‘spicy” products you’ll make are yours to take home. Dan Eidson is planning to offer a self defense class for the average citizen. This will NOT be martial arts, but simple techniques anyone can learn and use for personal protection. Call us anytime Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and we can answer any questions you may have or take your suggestions for additional classes. Our number is 884-4440.

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