Davis Special Questers

Davis Special Questers met in the home of Gail Zanoff, May 15. Gail served a fresh strawberry pie. In the absence of President Janet Small, Vice President Mickey Roberts conducted the business meeting. Lea Berry reported on the state convention. The convention was held in Ft. Smith with 80 attending. The tours, entertainment and dinner were excellent. Betty Vagedes reported on the International Convention. The convention was held in Grand Rapids Michigan with 634 attending. She especially enjoyed touring two lumber barons mansions. A benefit pancake supper was discussed. It would be a fund raiser for the Log Cabin Museum. The Indian Rock Quester club would also sponser this. The Museum is in need of restoration and upkeep. Two new officers were installed by Kim Walker. Lea Berry Vice President and Elda Gerndt, Secretary. Gail presented the program “Quilting In America”. English and Dutch brought quilting to America. In the 1700’s and 1800’s quilts were made for warmth. They were also used to hang over doors and windows to keep cold air out. Amish quilts are usually in very bright colors There are applique quilts and patchwork. In 1917 quilts were made as fund raisers for World War One. During the depression years patchwork quilts were made from scrap material. In the 50’s and 60’s there was a loss of interest in quilting. Today it has become popular again. Gail displayed the many lovely quilts she has made. Her first quilting experience was at the age of sixteen.

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