Miles of Memories by Brenda Miles

“What Happened to Our Innocence” This Thanksgiving I am thankful for growing up in a small town in Arkansas during the 50s. We did things and said things then that people are afraid to do and say today because of “political correctness.” During that decade, we had not heard of Ms. Manners or the ACLU. […]


Genetic Testing Could Prevent Disability Recently, I had quite an experience trying to prevent a disability or two in myself. Several years ago, I found a genetic testing service online and later another similar service that could further interpret the first service’s hard data. What happened from then on changed my life top to bottom […]

Out of Bounds by Geary Leason

“The Tragic Tale:  The Last Days Of A Fan” Originally Printed In the Fairfield Bay NEWS on August 13, 2003 Rooting for one’s favorite teams and/or individual players ranks right up there with Mother and Apple Pie. A true fan first turns to the sports page leaving all the other news for later. We sit […]

Crazy Things We Did by Doug Nelson

“The Dummy” Shortly after Halloween last year, Gayle and I were in Walgreens and they had masks of Nixon and Khrushchev on sale. We got one of each, thinking it would be fun masquerading around town with the masks on. It wasn’t as much fun as we had anticipated so that evening we picked up […]

Crazy Things We Did by Doug Nelson

“I See Spots” One Saturday evening in late 1965, Bill, Gayle and myself, were sitting at home without dates. Feeling a bit of a nudge from the green-eyed monster, we concocted a plan of revenge on all those who had dates. Highway 173 was, at that time, undeveloped and a gravel road lead up a […]


Harvard Law Grad with Autism Advocates   The Washington D.C.-based Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) is a nonprofit organization run by and for people on the autism spectrum, seeking, as its website states, to “increase the representation of autistic people across society.” Its director of public policy is Sam (Samantha) Crane, a Harvard Law School […]

Thinking Out Loud by Greg Allen

“The Last Stand” My wife and I recently had the opportunity to tour a few Western states and it gave birth to a flood of stirring thoughts – it was perceptive insight that one can only reflect upon by being in the presence of such a great witness. On the last leg of our trip […]

The Crazy Things We Did by Doug Nelson

“The 59 Chevy” I guess we all had our favorite car in our youth, mine was a 1959 Black Chevy convertible. I bought it in December of 1963; the salesman warned me, “Never put the top down when the temperature is below freezing. The first day the temperature reached 33 degrees I asked LuAnn and […]

First Loves Game Part II

“Soon he’ll be there at your side with a sweet bouquet…then he’ll kiss your lips and caress your waiting finger tips and your hearts will fly away…” Tommy Edwards, 1958 July, 12,1960. The day before my seventeenth birthday. Daddy had a store clerk call in sick and asked me to work that afternoon. I was […]

Miles of memories by Brenda Miles

“FIRST LOVE’S  AGONY AND ECSTASY” “Many a tear has to fall/but it’s all in the game/all in the wonderful game that we know as love…” –Tommy Edwards, 1958 Love, when it touches a young heart for the very first time, is probably best pictured in this song by Tommy Edwards. It was the #1 song […]