Council Approves Reading of Transmission ordinance

Dan Feuer, Editor On Monday, February 13, 2017, Mayor, Wellenberger, read the nine page ordinance which outlines the process of obtaining a Transmission Tower Use Permit and the definition of a Transmission Tower. The purpose of the ordinance is the clarify the requirements for placing a transmission tower inside the City limits and create a […]

The Crazy Things We Did by Doug Nelson

Another friend I had during my formative years was Jean Green. He was of Middle Eastern decent with thick, dark, facial hair. Being part American Indian myself, I was lucky if I had to shave twice a week. If I wanted sideburns, I had to draw them on with my mother’s mascara. Jean had a […]

“Miles of Memories” by Brenda Miles

“Rescuing John Grisham” I HATE losing things and resolve to rid myself of this foolish habit in 2017. I shudder to think of time wasted and frustration caused by my forgetfulness. The following are a few examples of this annoying trait… Actually, it first reared its ugly head early in life. When I was twelve, […]

Out of Bounds by Geary Leason

“Smedley Makes a Big U-turn with Uber” We now return to the story of our hapless hero, a very discouraged Fred Bob Smedley, is now befriended by an elderly Uber taxi driver by the name of Clarence…… After telling of his own life’s uneven journey and how he finally found a peace and purpose for […]

The Crazy Things We Did by Doug Nelson

“Christmas 1952” I always loved Christmas, and still do. But I remember one Christmas in particular. We always began the Christmas season on what is now called Black Friday by a family outing to pick out just the right tree. Normally the day after Thanksgiving was cold and snow covered most of the ground in […]


Columnist Seeking to Break Stereotypes If you’re brand new here, you probably have been wondering what’s going on. Instead of disability-related issues, ax-grinding, or political agenda-driving, this newspaper column just features real people with disabilities and their lives. I say “real” because the mainstream media, in general, have a tendency to portray most everyone with […]

Young at Heart by Pam Young

“Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Just Hope?” Happy New Year everyone! Is your New Year’s Resolution to get more organized in 2017 really just a New Year’s Hope? Over the years, I’ve endeavored to help you get organized and at the same time help you to fall in love with YOU. I’ve dedicated my career […]

Out of Bounds by Geary Leason

“Smedley Goes for a Ride” (Re-capping this story started two weeks ago)….. Our hero, the hapless Fred Bob Smedley, in a serious attempt to advance in life, had piled up a mountain of tuition debt from his two year associate program at Alpena State University (ASU). Part of this program called for Smedley to work […]

Miles of Memories by Brenda Miles

“What Happened to Our Innocence” This Thanksgiving I am thankful for growing up in a small town in Arkansas during the 50s. We did things and said things then that people are afraid to do and say today because of “political correctness.” During that decade, we had not heard of Ms. Manners or the ACLU. […]


Genetic Testing Could Prevent Disability Recently, I had quite an experience trying to prevent a disability or two in myself. Several years ago, I found a genetic testing service online and later another similar service that could further interpret the first service’s hard data. What happened from then on changed my life top to bottom […]