Burglaries And Thefts On The Rise

The Fairfield Bay City Council met on Monday, January 14. During the department reporting, Police Chief John Willoughby stated that burglaries and thefts were on the rise in the county including here in the Bay. Residential property as well as the fire station by the marina was broken into. Several items were stolen from the station such as a four wheeler and gas cans that start the pumps on the fire trucks. Thank goodness no fire calls came during that time period or else this could have resulted in a disaster. Chief Willoughby stated that he is talking with the prosecuting attorney and will see if additional felony charges can be given to those involved in the fire station burglary.

There was some discussion about City Watch and what they do. City Watch is Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Philip Ingram, head of City Watch, put together a booklet that informs people what to look for in case of unusual or suspicious activity in the area. The Newspaper office has a supply of the booklets if interested in getting informed. If you see any suspicious activity observe and gather as much information as you can and call DPS.

Planning & Zoning New officers for 2013 were elected, Jim Studts, Chairman, Ralph Nollenberger, Vice Chairman, and Dale Ritchie, Secretary. Dave McBee was also added to the Commission. Members are continuing efforts to correct zoning errors.

Education Center Sherry Guess, the new director presented her first report to the council. Her accomplishments consisted of building a contact database in email, phone call lists and snail mail to assist in future marketing efforts. Plans include, meeting with Jody Rath at ASU Heber to discuss procedures, forms and avenues acceptable for marketing under the ASU logo, expansion of instructor base and payment options. Meet with volunteers and discuss training manual development for public Q&A. Issues include increased student enrollment and finding a benefactor/group to financially support classes to eliminate course cancellations.

Mayor’s Report The deer hunt has harvested 281 deer through December 31, 2012. The mayor stated that changes will be looked at to reduce the hunt time frame and increase the distance a hunter can be to a residence. With the reopening of the Bay View Club, finding a new location for Our Town Productions has not yet been successful. The 2012 Community Service Awards will be presented on Wednesday, January 23 at the Senior Center at 12:30 p.m. right after lunch.

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