Board Applauds New Trail Feature In Fairfield Bay

Exeter Trail1The Community Club Board of Directors held their regular scheduled meeting on Tuesday, February 26 with John Conry and Debbi Brawley attending.

John and Debbi have spearheaded the hiking, and mountain biking trails being developed in the Bay. Fairfield Bay has 185 miles of roads of which 110 are undeveloped. These undeveloped roads are challenging and scenic. John and Debbi came up with the idea to use these roads for hiking and biking trails and several mountain biking clubs in Arkansas are very excited to bring their sport to Fairfield Bay. “What another wonderful and entertaining way to market the Bay,”said John and Debbi. “We’re excited about the prospect of new people coming and learning all that there is to offer here.

The image on the right, is the first of four phases of this project. The trail starts across the street from the Methodist Church on Dave Creek Parkway on Exeter Rd. and is about 4 miles long.

The board members reviewed a map outlining all the trails and they were unanimously pleased with the concept and applauded John and Debbi’s efforts.

The city will supply the directional signs on the trails and will also have a liability sign at the beginning of each trail. Look for a ribbon cutting coming in the spring.

The mangers gave their reports for the month and here are the highlights. Golf Pro Shop reported that green fees were above amount budgeted for the month. The 2013 tournament schedule has been posted to the website and new score cards have been ordered.

Golf Maintenance has done a lot of much needed repairs and cut trees. A letter from a property owner was read stating that the course was below standards for a few weeks and noticed that things have turned around and the course is again in tip top shape.

The Country Club had its annual inspection with no violations, scoring 100. A new person has been hired from Ozarka College to fill in as needed. There is a wedding reception planned for this month with several other parties.

The marina completed repairs from the January 29 wind storm with a total cost of $1,700 for parts and labor. Reduced master inventory from 3750 to 1825.

Public Works made some repairs at the Country Club, Bay View Club, and installed a new gate at the at the Bay View Club pool. They were very busy clearing the roads during the recent snow events. The guys also replaced and cleared out numerous culverts around the Bay.

Wastewater installed a new tank and grinder pump at the Bay View Club, made sewer line repairs on Fairhaven, Chalet Cir. and Pine Knot.

Recreation has interviewed a backup bus driver and is working with Mrs. Mueller on future trips. Updates and preparations have been made for the Wyndham Welcome Parties beginning March 11.

The Newspaper has successfully recruited volunteers to aid in answering phones, taking payments,and other minor office tasks. Subscriptions continue to come in and rack sales continue to increase.

The Accounting Department has a installed a new server for the NorthStar software. Some Club employees have enrolled in a five session Basic Excel course at the Education Center.

General Manager Paul Wellenberger has interviewed Club employees and has received lots of great ideas to help improve different aspects of day to day operations. HR is developing team training exercises for all Club employees. The Bay View Club opened on Valentine’s Day and it was a great community effort with a volunteer to build the bar and donations were made to purchase the bar stools. 2013 will be the end of the Bay Bucks, with a swipe card program taking its place.

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