Polly Retires from FFB Post Office

After 17 years operating the Fairfield Bay Post Office, Polly Stoltzfus looks forward to enjoying retirment. Monday, August 15 was her last day, and the new manager, Kristy Holliday, decorated the office and brought some goodies to share. Beverly Weaver, the Shirley Postmaster, was there giving good wishes to Polly.

What’s Up Fairfield Bay

by Mayor, Paul Wellenberger Nothing like a contest to see who excels at accurately throwing rubber cheeseburgers, or having the county Sheriff rocking and rolling singing Johnny Be Good on stage, or seeing our friends dressed up in tropical outfits while it’s pouring outside. But that was the scene Saturday night at the “Cheeseburgers in […]

Fairfield Bay Rotary

Every once in a while we Rotary members have to step up to the plate and give a talk. I was asked to again talk about my Holocaust experiences. I have talked about that subject to our Fairfield Bay community some time ago as well as to our Rotary group. There have been enough turnovers […]

Extension Homemakers Clubs (EHC) Offer Opportunities for Service

With the end of summer fast approaching, the members of the Van Buren County Extension Homemakers Clubs would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join one of the seven (7) EH Clubs in the county. Read about the various opportunities available to you by participating in one of the County Extension Homemaker […]

Clinton Extension Homemakers Club

The Clinton EH Club will meet every Tuesday beginning August 23 through September 13 at 5:30 p.m. at The Dirty Farmers Community market, 364 Main Street in Clinton, to make fried pies to be sold at the County Fair in September. We will freeze them until fair time. The public is invited to come help. […]

First Loves Game Part II

“Soon he’ll be there at your side with a sweet bouquet…then he’ll kiss your lips and caress your waiting finger tips and your hearts will fly away…” Tommy Edwards, 1958 July, 12,1960. The day before my seventeenth birthday. Daddy had a store clerk call in sick and asked me to work that afternoon. I was […]

Garage/Craft Sale

It’s that time of year again, the Annual Garage/Craft Sale at the Fairfield Bay Senior Center. This year’s sale will take place on Saturday, August 27 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Purchase a large table for $15 or a small table for $10 and take home all the profits. To reserve a table, contact Bettye […]

Certificate of Appreciation

At a recent board meeting of the Van Buren County Literacy Council, President Steve Smith presented out-going board members a certificate of appreciation and a gift for many years of tireless service to the Literacy Council. Honored were (l-r) Marla Vest, Emma Hink, Mary Jo Burnley, and Therese Preusser. Not pictured: Gayla Feist.

Fairfield Bay – The Promise of Paradise

The Promise of Paradise, a book written by Dr. Hubert B. Stroud, professor of geography at Arkansas State University, was recently published by John Hopkins University Press. The publisher says the book is the first to provide a geographical and environmental analysis of recreational and retirement communities in the United States since 1950. Stroud shows […]

Paw Paw Tree Found In Fairfield Bay

A Paw Paw tree has reportedly been spotted in Fairfield Bay, specifically, on the Mountain Ranch Golf Course. A little-known native of the eastern United States, paw paw fruit has yellow-green skin and soft, orange flesh with a creamy, custard-like consistency and a delicious, sweet flavor. Historically, the fruit was enjoyed by Native Americans and […]