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Paws Report Revived

Welcome back to the Shelter Fairfield Bay!!! So many things have changed since last this article was written! FFB Shelter has a new Manager: Steven Vicknair. His dedication to the animals has been top notch and we are so happy to have him onboard! The shelter will be undergoing some changes soon. Thanks to Ms. Linda Ritchie, we will expand our Cat hotel so that we can house more felines. This will also include a play area for them! We will also be adding on an infirmary to the back part of our shelter. This will allow primary care for any ill or injured animals and ensure safety for both them and our other guests at the shelter. We will expand our quarantine room by one cage to maximize space for intake. At present, the shelter has some very sweet medium and large breed dogs looking for furever homes! Take a look at the pictures below and see if you can find a place for one of these sweet babies! FFB Shelter will be at PetSmart in Conway on February 22 and 23 for their adoption weekend.

aladin  baily  ziva



Fairfield Bay Animal Shelter Update

There seems to be some confusion regarding the animal shelter’s no kill policy towards the animals brought to the shelter. When an animal is brought to our care, it is quarantined, dewormed and inoculated. After the quarantine period, the animal is examined, and if necessary, treated by a veterinarian. Every effort is made to find a loving home.

State law mandates that a shelter’s population cannot exceed its capacity. The Fairfield Bay Shelter has a capacity of sixteen dogs, ten cats and one litter of kittens. When capacity is reached, various animal rescues are contacted to see if any animals can be relocated. Inevitably there are times when it is necessary to euthanize animals due to overcrowding, aggressiveness of the animal or extreme medical issues.

The Animal Protection League Board assures you that euthanization is a last resort, done out of mercy or to alleviate overcrowding. Every effort is made to find loving homes for the animals brought to our care. We are extremely reluctant to euthanize. It is done with sadness and regret that our shelter isn’t larger or that more of Fairfield Bay’s citizens don’t adopt the animals in our care. There are animals that have been in our shelter for almost a year.

Please open your hearts and your wallets to help us maintain a top level animal shelter in Fairfield Bay. The shelter staff and APL Board invite you to visit the shelter and see the level of care and love we provide.

Thank you, Ernie Majhenich, APL President



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