ADEM Vehicles Covered Under New Law

A new law requiring Arkansas motorists to “move over” for more than emergency vehicles became effective August 16. The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) has vehicles equipped with green lights that are a part of this legislation. In addition, local emergency managers and selected other emergency vehicles have green lights as well.

The law, Act 579, that was signed by Governor Mike Beebe, during the 89th General Assembly, requires drivers to move over, not only for police cars, fire trucks and ambulances, but adds utility vehicles, tow trucks or authorized vehicles displaying blue, red, amber, white or green lights that are flashing, revolving, or rotating.

“The safety of our staff on the highways responding to emergencies is certainly a top priority at ADEM, so we are certainly pleased with this legislation,” said Director David Maxwell.

When motorists see any of the described vehicles, they must move to the farthest possible lane or position from the authorized vehicles. If a driver cannot move over, he or she must reduce speed and exercise caution. If a driver is found guilty of violating the law, they can be fined up to $500, confined to jail or both. The court may also order community service or suspend a person’s driver’s license up to six months.

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