Woodland Mead/Ed Leamon Park Trail Grant Received

The City of Fairfield Bay and the Fairfield Bay Community Club are pleased to announce the receipt of an Arkansas Recreational Trails Program Grant from the Arkansas State Highway Commission. The project, with a total budget of $50,000 will be to construct a trail beginning at the Indian Thong Tree at Woodland Mead Park and connecting to the trails in Ed Leamon Park at the cabin. The trail will be paved, have a bridge over a creek, and will be handicap accessible. Remaining funds, after the connector trail is constructed, will be utilized to resurface the existing trails at Ed Leamon Park. Total trail length is about ½ mile.

This grant is unique in that the match requirement was jointly proposed and shared by the City and the Community Club ($5,000 each). Look for construction to begin this summer. Thanks to Rawlins Collerain for doing the engineering on the grant proposal.

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