Wish You Were Here



Keeping in touch with Fairfield Bay.

Grab your pen and start writing! The first in a series of Fairfield Bay postcards are here and share some of beauty, fun and unique signature events found only at The Bay.  The six new postcards showcase: “Flyin’ the Bay” and “Surfin’ the Bay” – unique to our annual “Surf the Bay WaterSport Festival’ held each June. The original “BayToon” series feature two favorite Bay pastimes: fishing and nature photography. Kid’s Jumping in the Bay captures the essence of fun for the youngsters in all of us. Of course, the historic Indian Rock Cave is completely unique and speaks to rich history of The Bay. More to come that can feature the obvious options of beauty shots of Sugar Loaf Mountain Island rising out of Greers Ferry Lake and our lovely trails will be available at a future printing. The cards are available many places throughout The Bay, including the Community Club, Top of the Rock and The Club at Fairfield Bay (formerly The 19th Hole & Indian Hills Country Club), FFB Marina, Bay View Pool, and Woodland Mead Park. Pick some up today and let your friends know you “wish they were here”.  We’re betting they wish they were here, too!

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