Who Wants To Save Money On Energy Costs?

We have an opportunity to schedule a comprehensive class in Energy Efficiency/Cost Saving measures here at the Education Center early next year. The instructor will be a very knowledgeable member of the First Electric Coop. This class, called “Basic Residential Building Science,” will be FREE to all those who are currently registered with us. Our annual registration fee, which supports our operation is $25 annually.

The basic course information is as follows: “How to make your home more comfortable and healthy while lowering your energy costs. Topics covered will include solutions for controlling the three energy flows of heat, air and moisture that are found in every home; discussions about energy efficiency ratings of different types of heating and cooling systems and how and why they should be properly sized; the importance of properly sized and sealed ductwork and the problems that duct leakage can cause; and discussion of the different types of water heaters, how to properly size them and how to reduce water heating costs.”

The course material could be covered in two sessions of 2.5 hrs. each. I am asking for feedback on your willingness to attend such a course here in the Bay. We could hold the class during the weekdays, during evening hours, or on Saturdays, depending on the majority who would like to attend.

I don’t know about you, but I personally would love to save some money on utility bills. Let me know your thoughts about this. Thank you.

You can call me at 884-4440, reply by email to: [email protected] or log onto our facebook page: Community Education Center at Fairfield Bay and leave a comment.

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