West Cliff Drive at Lynn Creek Crossing Construction

Lynn Creek picture

For anyone who forgot the flood of 2008 and the inconvenience it caused.

For anyone who forgot the flood of 2008 and the inconvenience it caused.

Contracts were signed with Crow Paving, Inc. from Morrilton, AR and the City of Fairfield Bay on October 9, 2013 for the project to raise West Cliff Drive at the Lynn Creek Crossing for the amount of $651,761.32. The official Notice to Proceed will be given on October 21, 2013, with work required to start within 10 days. It is anticipated that West Cliff Drive will be closed sometime during the week of October 28. The contract requires the work to be completed within 120 calendar days from October 31st. The City of Fairfield Bay may withhold, permanently, from the Contractor’s total compensation, the sum of one-thousand dollars as stipulated damages for each day of delay beyond the 120 calendar days. There are some provisions to give the contractor relief for weather delays beyond what is considered normal for the months of November, December, January, and February plus holidays. Normal for these months is 47 days, so the delays must exceed that number before relief to the 120 day requirement is granted. The picture shows a four culvert system. The final design is for a triple culvert with the culverts 12 feet wide, 7 feet high, and 81 feet in length. The culverts will be precast and delivered in sections. There will be 42 sections, each weighing approximately 30,000 pounds. Delivery of the culverts will begin in late November (one section per truck). The road should reopen around the end of February.

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