Web Exclusive: Recreation Request – We Need Your Help

Spread the Word about Fairfield Bay. Get it on the Calendar!

One of my favorite attributes of the Bay is the peaceful setting and the relaxed spirit that is apparent day in and day out; however, what you can’t always see from the road is the high activity levels of our residents throughout the year…social clubs, special events, churches, parties, outings, concerts, fundraisers, card playing, dancing, planning, organizing, creating, displaying, and the list could go on and on!  I’ve heard many times over from our residents, that they didn’t need a day planner until they retired here in the Bay.  I think this is great, and I want to invite the community to help spread the word!

Did you know that the Fairfield Bay Community Club website activity has increased 11 fold in the past year?  In 2013, through October, Wyndham has had 2,835 check-ins, which means the Bay has probably seen over 10,000 visitors so far this year!  We want to make sure those surfing the web and those that are already here know that they can come to the Bay and STAY IN THE BAY for a great vacation and for a great life!  This is where YOU come into play.  I am responsible for updating the calendar on Fairfield Bay Community Club’s website, in addition to providing a sheet of activities and specials every week to our visitors.  If you or any entity that you are a part of has an activity held within Fairfield Bay, I would like to know about it.  We want to share with the web-world and our visitors that we can keep them entertained and busy, but also peacefully relaxed in this wonderful place that we call home!

Please send all information to [email protected].  Thank you for your help!

Sheryl Paxton, Recreation Manager

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