Web Exclusive: New Years Fitness Resolution

New years resolutionEvery New Year we all think about how to get healthy for that year. We want to eat right and be active but a lot people start off really good and it slowly goes away. Here are a few tips to keep people motivated for the New Year. Start by setting goals and think about what you want to achieve in a few months or for the whole year. Set dates by the goals so you have something to keep you on track. It also helps people if they have a friend that is wanting to get healthy for the new year. It is proven that having a buddy while working out helps each other to stay on task to reach their goals. Another thing to think about is moderate to very active activity. Someone that has not been working out does not need to start at a very active pace. They can get hurt or burned out quickly. Start off slow and work your way up. It is more effective and one will be able to stay on task easier. GET HEALTHY 2014!!!

Cassie Bartley
Fitness Coordinator

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