Web Exclusive: 2014 Education Center Classes

Education Center’s NEW 2014 Classes

Get the pencils out and grab your calendar. You’re going to want to sign up for the exciting classes being offered this year. 2014 Class Line Up is better than ever. The Center’s 2014 classes begin on January 6, 2014 (after taking a short December Holiday break). In addition to our regular course offerings in Computer Basics, Digital Photography, Oil Painting, Piano, Guitar, facebook, iPad/iPhone, Android Phone, Relaxation Techniques, Herb classes and Spas, Jewelry Making and more, we are fortunate to have two new instructors coming onboard to teach new subjects of interest.

First, please welcome Pete and Elisabeth Ave-Lallemont, formerly of Nashville, TN and residents of Fairfield Bay, who have volunteered to teach Aquaponics (gardening with aquatic life and plants) and the art of Stain Glass. These classes will be on the schedule sometime early in 2014.

Also, Marilyn Robertson, longtime resident and our new director at the Log Cabin Museum, has unearthed volumes of historical information about our area. She has volunteered to share this wealth of historical knowledge with all those interested in Arkansas History at the Education Center in the late winter or early spring.

Enrollment during 2013 is up over 100%, proving the point that we all recognize the value of continuing to learn and grow. Our vibrant community thrives on meeting new challenges and looks forward to life in The Bay with gusto.  Some of our classes can be booked for private sessions for your family, club or organization. We offer a variety of options and will work with your schedule to find an appropriate date and time. Imagine your group learning a new artistic skill together or getting an herbal spa treatment! Call 501-884-4440 or email to: [email protected] for additional information. Hope to see you here soon.

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