Van Buren Co. Fair Live Stock Barn Needs Re-building

As a member of the Van Buren County Fair Board, we are asking for help (donations) to re-build our Live Stock Barn.
It was damaged in the ice storm and is unsafe for the kids,
animals and public.
We have been working hard to try and find the money to re-build. It is our goal to be able to use the new Barn by Augus 1st, of this year.
The cost will be approx. $400,000. The Live Stock Barn is a BIG part of the Van Buren County Fair. If the barn is not re-built, Van Buren County may not have a County
Fair in the future.
We are asking for any help you could give. If you would like to help please Make checks payable Van Buren County Fair Assoc. and mail to: Van Buren County Fair Assoc. ATTN: Pam Bradford P.O. Box 60 Clinton, AR 72031 or you may drop off at the Van Buren County Judge’s Office.

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