TOPS Triple Crown Won By Charlene Carr

Charlene Carr received the TOPS Crown for this yearly Triple Crown Contest.

TOPS is busy this time of year.. Every week we have an interesting program in relations with weight loss and healthy eating, but we also do a lot more to keep up the interests of all our members. During the year we go to nearby Fun Days put on by other chapters in other towns across the state, then we also attend a SRD-State Recognition Days in April and next year it will be held in Eureka Springs. We have so much fun at these events and bring back lots of rewards for our individual hard work and many times our chapter also wins various awards. But during the year we have a lot of contests going on both in our chapter and in our district. In fact we just finished up 2 contests recently and have a big one that is going on over the whole state with all the state wide TOPS members. But as a chapter we have this same contest, going on this same time of each year, called a triple crown. What you have to do is show a loss on the scale after the 3 big holidays and doing that this time of year is a very big challenge in itself. The first holiday – Thanksgiving has passed and we had several people make this first hurdle, the next one is a loss after Christmas, then the last one is a loss after New Years. Love having fun taking on a good challenge, then for yourself learning to make healthy life style changes? If you want to lose weight and have fun at the same time, then check out our TOPS 0294 FFB Chapter here on the bay. We meet every Monday, at the Hart Center. We weigh in at 8:30-9:30 a.m., then at 9:30 a.m. we have our program. In addition to our programs on healthy eating and tips on losing weight, we also end each meeting with a few weekly contests….Learn more about TOPS by logging into TOPS.Org or call Nancy Edwards at 501-884-3917.

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