The Outdoor Adventure Groups 2014 Activities

The Outdoor Adventure Groups 2014  Activities

arkansas-buffalo-river-outfitters-canoeingThe winter weather this put a few kinks in this winter seasons hikes. But we know the weather is looking pretty good from here on out. So, mark your calendars for some great March adventures.

Next Adventure: March 8th, 9:30am.

Two more hikes will be scheduled in March including a return trip to the Pedestal Rock Trail (west of Clinton) for those who could not hike this very scenic trail last fall. We will meet at 9:30am at the Top of the Rock parking lot. We will eat brunch at the Leslie Cafe before the hike and return to Fairfield Bay about 4:30pm.

Save the Date: April Adventures.

Early April: A new “adventure ” will be scheduled for the first time in early April. The relatively flat and low volume roads in the Mountain Ranch area provide an excellent opportunity for a group bike ride right here in Fairfield Bay.

Late April: A change of scenery is always good and late April provides the opportunity for the annual canoe trip along the upper Buffalo River. The section we canoe/kayak has over 40 mild to moderate water rapids to traverse.

The Adventure Continues into the summer:

In May. we will complete a gentle canoe float along a lower portion of the Buffalo River. Finally in early June we will return to Little Rock for another Bakery, Bar-BQ and, Beer bike tour.

 Additional summer outings could include a pontoon party, another early morning canoe/kayak trip to and breakfast at Sugar Loaf Mountain and an inner tube float on the White River. If you have a suggestion for an Outdoor Adventure, or specific trail hike, please contact Tom Welch. For More information about the Outdoor Adventure Group, please contact Tom Welch at [email protected] if you’re interested in participating in this hike or any other activities.

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