Team Honduras Helps Those In Need A Spread The Word

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The Honduras Baptist Dental Mission sends a Mission Team of about 80 people — half from Honduras and half from the US — to a small town or village in Honduras every other week. This year Team Honduras from Clinton, AR sent 27 people from six area churches to Lempira, Yoro, Honduras. Each team operates a medical and dental Mission for 3 days, typically Monday through Wednesday. The team includes a number of licensed medical professionals from both the US and Honduras, as well as translators and general volunteers. During the 3 days that the field Mission is open, about 2000 people of all ages will be seen. The locations are chosen ahead of time by our full-time, resident Missionaries, who seek to assist local churches and villages. By working with Pastors and leaders, the Mission will advertise on local radio and by other means, to announce the dates of Mission. By the time the Mission opens on Monday morning, there are often people waiting in line to receive free medical and dental care, and hear the Gospel of Jesus.

The Mission provides medical care, dental care, pharmaceuticals, eye care, Bibles and more to the people of the village or town.

The pharmecuticals provided for Team Honduras were donated by our very own Fairfield Bay Pharmacy.

The Fairfield Bay residents that went on the mission were: John Tyer, Kathy Waycaster, Mike and LaJoyce Duran, Mike Lester, and Al and JoAnn Richardson.

John Tyer said this was his 5th year and he loves going on these missions to help people in need while sharing his faith in God. John said the team handed out 1350 Bibles and 1,000 Bible pamphlets. They cared for 1131 patients, gave out 5252 prescriptions, handled 6 surgeries, did 388 dental extractiojs, and gave out 229 pairs of glasses.

John said it’s been 15 years since these people were given any medical assistance and they live in a community with no electricity. All the clinics are held at schools so people come from all around for care.

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