Summer Reading Program Awards

FFB Library Summer Reading Program – Dream Big – Read draws to a close and the top readers in each category are invited to receive their awards on Thursday, August 24. 48 young readers participated in this program. The winners pictured above from top to bottom are: Colton Warren, age 3, Christian Training Center student, next on left is Co-Director Doris Wilkerson with winner Melissa Treat, a 2nd grader from West Side School, Next is Elan Johnson, a kindergartener visintg his grandparents, Dottie and Doug Johnson , Co-Director Seana Garrow with Mykala Strang, an 8th grader from Shirley School, next on right is the Johnson’s granddaughter, Mayanna Johnson, a 6 yr old first grader, on the lower left is Isabelle Youngmark visiting her grandparents in FFB for the summer from Austin, MN. Isabelle is eleven years old and now in sixth grade. Finally, two and a half year old Shelby Irene Turner, who wanted to share her spotlight with her grandmother. Each winner received several prizes for their achievements in reading over the summer, including books, T-Shirts, stickers and other useful items. Of course, their true gift is improving their reading skills and gaining knowledge that will serve them well as years go by. Congratulations to all of our bright young readers for accomplishing the goal of improved reading skill over the summer break.

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