St. Francis Trivia Night

St. FrancisThe comments from the contestants and the audience members were “that was fun,” “I knew more than I thought I did,” “what a great time we had.” They were talking about the FIRST Catholic Trivia Night. Four teams of four people volunteered to play “Faithful Feud” and “Bible Millionaire.” These games were taken from a game book procurred at Subiaco Monastery. Questions were entered into a power point program. In the “Faithful Feud” a Quick Talk question was asked and all four teams answered. The team which answered all correctly got to play the game. Two teams got over one million shekel points (an ancient money system) and their reward was a bag of “money” with chocolate inside. The “Bible Millionaire” had two teams chosen by whoever answered the number one answer out of ten answers. They gave as many of the ten answers they could and some answered all ten. If they couldn’t answer all ten, the other team could steal the point by giving just one answer from the list. A sample question was: Five thousand fish were asked for their favorite water story from the Bible. This winning team got bags of jelly beans to represent the humorous nature of the event. The evening was filled with lots of laughs, good snacks and lots of socializing. People are already asking for another evening. Hummmmm, we’ll have to think about that. Oh, and winners? Everyone was a winner.

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