Spring Courses Open To Winter Weather

The opening of some daffodils and camellia flowers this past week gave way on Wednesday afternoon to some more icy weather. When Clinton and Shirley Schools dismissed their students early, so did the Fairfield Bay Education Center. Cancellation of Wednesday late afternoon iPad/iPhone class was necessary, but the Advanced Digital Photography class from 1 to 3 pm was held as scheduled, much to the delight of our enthusiastic photography hobbyists.

Take note: We still have room for several more photography students as some brought along their own laptops to peruse the internet portions of the class. A few can still join in if you call now to let us know of your intentions. Fortunately, our instructors are very flexible and can help you get in step with the group.

Conversational Spanish got underway on Tuesday morning with nine students attending. We can accommodate up to three more if you can call to let us know right away.

Computer Basics students met on Tuesday and the feedback after class was very positive. If you’ve been trying to muddle along and have some things you have not been able to master on your own, feel free to call about joining us.

Now is the time to submit your suggestions about future courses for Spring II or even for summer classes. Don’t forget, as long as you register with the Comm. Ed. Center yourself, we will be able to offer some very enjoyable one day classes to your family or visiting friends anytime this year.

Some of our classes will be free, while others may involve a small fee to cover cost of materials and use of our facility which does incur some expenses. Imagine bringing your grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or some grownup friends to the Ed Center for arts, crafts and informational seminars. Even though we live in a near paradise, sometimes weather doesn’t cooperate with our plans for hiking, boating and swimming. It is for these times that your Community Education Center can be a very enjoyable addition to your plans.

Stop by anytime during our office hours, Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Our plans include offering courses during evening hours and on weekends, so let us know your thoughts about days and times you would prefer. This is your Education Center. Call with any questions, comments or suggestions 884-4440. All are welcome.

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