Sizek & Kuh Voted Co-2012 Cleburne County Master Gardeners of the Year

Master Gardeners

The Cleburne County Master Gardeners selected Co-Master Gardener of the Year awards to Joanne Sizek and David Kuh. The selection was made by secret ballot from the membership.

The presentation was made at the Annual Awards and Christmas Party M

eeting held on December 18th. Joanne Sizek is an Advanced Master Gardener and has served as a past Secretary. She currently Chairs the “Composter” newsletter and participates in most other projects. David Kuh is the past Secretary and Chaired the Mentoring and Apparel Committees as well as co-Chair of the Municipal Building Committee and participates in many other projects.

President Lee Sizek is shown presenting Joanne Sizek and David Kuh with the perpetual Cleburne County Master Gardener of the Year Plaque and their green “Master Gardener of the Year 2012” jackets.

Volunteer Community Service recognition pins were awarded to members with over 100 cumulative hours over the past two years: 100+ Hours: Diane Buffum, Alice George, Mary Howard and George Maxwell; 200+ Hours: Gini Day, Jopanne Sizek and Lee Sizek; 300+ Hours: Ken Day and Linda Lynch; 400+ Hours: Darlene O’Connor; and 600+ Hours David Kuh.

For the third year, in lieu of having a member gift exchange, the Cleb


urne County Master Gardeners used the Holiday occasion to donate about 50 new gifts, including 3 bicycles, to the Cleburne County Cares for needy children in our area.

The Master Gardener program is open to anyone interested in educating and assisting the general public as well as furthering their own knowledge and expertise in any and all aspects of gardening. –

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