Shelter and Rescue Work Toward Common Goal

The Board of Directors of the Fairfield Bay Animal Shelter met today and discussed issues facing both our shelter and community. One rumor, of which we would like to dispell at this time;

Fairfield Bay Animal Shelter, though in no way related, would like to state that we are in FULL SUPPORT of our local rescue, Fuzzy Hearts Animal Rescue, and they are supportive of OUR efforts. There will be many events that either shelter or rescue may hold in which the other will be in attendance. We have the same goal, which is helping the animals and educating the public. We do have one of the rescue personnel working within our shelter. THERE IS NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST. It helps our animals get to their safe and final destination in a timely manner.

Rescues and the community have become a vital role in the Fairfield Bay Animal Shelter and we would like to keep it that way. We do not SHARE donations, so if you donate to the shelter, it goes to the shelter. If you donate to the rescue it goes to the rescue. In the event that the Rescue chooses to donate to/assist the shelter, then that IS specified. We ask that this information be spread throughout the community so the misinformation can be cleared up. If there is ANY questions, please feel free to contact any of our Board Members. We thank you for your involvement in our shelter and we ask that you support our efforts by any means necessary.

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