Seeking Our Towne Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help at the Our Towne Conference and Visitor Center.

The time is close for our grand opening of the Conference Center here in Fairfield Bay. October 12 will be the day that we will be presenting Story Fest and the Grand Opening. After the opening, we will be in business at the center. The current volunteers have been establishing a data base of potential companies and organizations, calling past conference attendees to gain current information and update all of the old files. We have been busy with all the details needed to be sure we can begin accepting conference guests starting the first of November. We need to have a volunteer organization to help with welcoming our guests to Fairfield Bay. We will need help with our welcome desk, meeting planning, conference set up, and calling. We are sure that there will be lots of little needs that come up as the center becomes busy and the interest grows. We want to develop a list of conference supporters who will offer their special skills to make the center a special place for Fairfield Bay and all of our visitors. We will have a training program so that everyone will be comfortable with what we ask them to do. To get on the volunteer list please call the Conference Center Office at 884-4202. Thank you Fairfield Bay for all you are doing.

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