I received a phone call today from a person claiming to be “Michael Anderson” from “Publishers Clearinghouse “ stating that I had won $225,000 and they were on the way to make the delivery. They wanted to verify that I would be home.  He then told me to call his supervisor Raymond (or Laymon?) Kennedy at 1-876-843-7025 to verify so they could deliver my money. THIS PHONE NUMBER IS OUT OF KINGSTON JAMACA.  He called me back and when I told him I had googled the phone number and it was out of the county he kept telling me it was legit.  I should call another number and enter a 6 digit code to prove I had won.  I googled this information also.  ANY 6 digit number you put in will tell you that you are a winner.  They then tell you to buy a prepaid card at Walmart.  It is one Walmart doesn’t sell so they tell you they will buy one for you and they just need your credit card information to do so.

PLEASE warn people in the are that this is a SCAM.  Publishers Clearinghouse does NOT call peopIe before coming to your house.

I have already contacted the Attorney Generals office, Van Buren Co Sheriffs Office, and both radio stations to try and get the word out to people.

Deborah Harris

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