Rotary Club Education Scholarships Report

Since the beginning of the Fairfield Bay Rotary Club Scholarship Program in 1989, over $319,000 has been awarded to 194 students from ten schools in the immediate area.  In addition, 15 continuing education grants have been given and one grant assisted a student in the foreign exchange program.  Scholarships have been given to students from schools in Alread (5), Clinton (30), Heber Springs (10), Mountain View (13), Quitman (18), Rural Special/Fox (14), Shirley (51), Southside (12), Timbo (5) and Westside (36).  High School students are informed of the grant/scholarship program by their teacher, but a team of Rotary members visit the schools to follow up and encourage the students to apply.  It is not necessary to be a friend or relative of a Rotary Club member.  The awards are given based on need, extra curricular activities and community involvement as well as academic excellence.

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