Reconnecting With Our Absentee Ownership

The newly activated FFB e-News has given the Bay a long missing affordable way to share happenings in the Bay with our many absentee owners. During the months of March, April and May, all mailings to our ownership will include stuffers announcing their opportunity to sign up online to begin “reconnecting” with those of us fortunate enough to call the Bay home. 1,867 stuffers were mailed in the first 3 weeks of March.

The March stuffer included a slip announcing the e-News and also includes a copy of our “Life in the Bay” brochure that is so popular with our guests who visit here. That brochure is a summary of the five key reasons our local residents told us they chose to make FFB their home, as noted in a survey conducted in 2012.

April’s mail stuffer will include a copy of the “Fun in the Bay” brochure that details over 50 fun things to do while visiting FFB.

May will include an informational stuffer and a copy of the newest brochure under development – “History in the Bay.”

We are limiting the volume of our inserts to ensure we incur no additional postage costs, minimizing our expense while providing a valuable communication stream to the property owners who do not yet call Fairfield Bay “home.”

Community Club Board of Directors
Dwayne Miller

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