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Shrimp Bruschetta  


French Baguette, 3 slices about 1 inch thick
Grated parmesan, 3 Tbs

Shrimp  3 pieces, 21/25 count size
Fresh basil, 5 to 6 leaves
Margarine or butter, 1/4 cup
Garlic Fresh , 1 Tbs.
Tomato, 1/2 cup
Black olives sliced, 1/2 cup
Cracked Pepper Fresh, 1/2 Tbs.White wine


Chop basil.
Chop tomato.
Mince garlic.
Remove tails from shrimp.

Top baguettes with parmesan cheese and toast in oven.  While bread is toasting melt butter in sautee skillet. Add chopped basil and garlic cook till basil wilts then add black olives, fresh cracked pepper, and shrimp.   Cook on medium heat until shrimp start to curl and turn pink.  Turn the shrimp over and add tomatoes.  Cook until  shrimp are done.  Approximately  2 to 3 minutes on each side.  When bread is done remove from oven and arrange on plate.  When shrimp mixture is done deglaze pan with white wine.  Turn stove off and remove from heat.  Top each bread with one shrimp.  Then top each shrimp with some of the vegetable mixture from the skillet.. Drizzle butter sauce over the top of all.  Enjoy



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