“Real Entertainment” on a Sunday Afternoon

real-2016Plan to join us on Sunday, November 6 at the FFB Conference Center (110 Lost Creek Parkway in Fairfield Bay) for an afternoon of “Real Entertaining.” This unique group of multi-talented young ladies demonstrates the value of young people learning and excelling in music. All ages enjoy their songs, their sounds, and the fun of this charming quartet of sisters. Rebecca, Emily, Abigail, and Lydia, at the ages of 17, 16, 14 and 13 are returning to Fairfield Bay to once again share their accomplished skills on the piano, violin, accordion, pennywhistle, harmonica, cello, banjo, dobro, mandolin, guitar and voice, plus audience interaction.
The event will be sponsored by the North Central Arkansas Foundation for the Arts and Education (NCAFA&E) along with the Arkansas Arts Council. As you recall, NCAFA&E is a non-profit organization which brings live music, theater and continuing arts exhibits to the community and area schools. They depend on grants, state funding and generous support of donors. The concert will be a no charge event but please consider a donation so that NCAFA&E may continue to bring enjoyment and enlightening activities to our community.

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