“Radio Show” Final Performance Well Attended

Stas’ Productons in Fairfield Bay has come to a close. Many of the residents witnessed the final performance of the Radio Show right along with the timeshare guests last Wednesday evening. Stas Ziolkowski, Bill Flemr, GL Rhoades, Jackie Berbusse and Janice Thompson on stage, plus bonus performances by Chuck Dawson and Terry Lee kept us well supplied with laughter and a few tears of joy and sadness. Besides the radio show itself, the commercials for our local businesses were very well planned and delivered by Janice. Stas kept the audience on its’ toes, by delivering a game show with multiple choice answers provided. Everyone in the audience joined in this lighthearted entertainment and even received prizes. One prize for agreeing to partic ipate and an additional prize for getting the right answers. Amazingly enough, this was reported by Stas’ to be the most intelleigent group of participants he’s ever had on the show! The skits performed by “The Do-It Sisters”, the Doctor call from the frustrated housewife and the “Who’s on First” sketch were very good. Who’s on First was probably the best version I’ve ever seen. Judge for yourself by logging onto our facebook page and watching it @ Terry Lee played accompaniment music on the piano throughout the show, then thrilled us with her magical performance of song and harp. Stas’ performed “It’s A Wonderful World” so see both in video online, too.

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