Plans Are Underway At The Conference Center

During the May City Council meeting, Wilba and Bob Thompson gave their report to the council on their progress with the conference center. Accomplishments include setting uptheir office in the Bay Center complex.

The old files have been brought over from the conference center and appointments have been made with 5 area restaurants to discuss catering opportunities. Each restaurant is to present menus for consideration and so far the responses have been very positive.

They have met with Dale Tice and were given insight to specific areas to focus on first and what critical materials needed for day to day operations. Golf packages will be presented from both Mountain Ranch and Indian Hills.

They have met with Lou Dewberry about lodging and are working on a booking and billing process for convention attendees.

Once some critical renovations have been made, tours will be conducted to show what other needs are to be met to furnish the center.

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