Piecemakers March 2017 Newsletter

Business Report – Eloise Brown

Eloise Brown, President, opened the meeting. Victoria Banks won this month’s Christmas ornament. Jan Savu won a sewing bag. Jan thanked the group for the card sent to her.

Eloise announced there are program sheets at the sign-in desk plus information on the Yard Sale. There is also a box in back for finished port pads. Thanks to all who helped cut out kits after last meeting. Eloise will bring those kits next month for anyone who wants to take some home to finish.

There are copies of the 2017 Roster by the copier if you need a copy. Bridget will send out copies to those who do not have email.

Judy Hurd told Eloise that Dreamweavers in Mountain View is going out of business. Currently patterns and notions are 20% off and everything else is 30% off.

Financial Report – Pam Davis
Pam Davis, Treasurer, gave the financial report. If you haven’t paid your dues yet ($12.00) please see Pam. She has some envelopes you can use!

Sunshine Report – Virginia Reynolds
Chiquita W – had open heart surgery (NOTE: Since the meeting Chiquita passed away.
Her memorial service was Sunday, April 2nd.)
Winnie – had more surgery
Shari W – has been sick
Coni R – a get well card was sent
Marylou K – a get well card was sent
Patsy H – is having knee surgery April 3rd
Bernardine W – is having appendix surgery (the day of the meeting)
Brenda D – had surgery to repair arthritis in her thumb

Spring Retreat – Ida Holt
Nineteen ladies attended the retreat with 6 day sewers. The weather was nice except for the storm! Currently we are paying $65 extra to arrive early on Mondays. Ida learned that for $16 extra per person we could arrive on Sunday if we have a minimum of 15 people. There would be no extra meals prepared for Sunday so those choosing to arrive on Sunday would need to brown bay it. The cost would be $84 for Sunday arrival and Thursday departure or $68 for Monday arrival and Thursday departure. The dates for the Fall Retreat are October 1 – October 5th. Ida will put out a sign-up sheet in July. The maximum is 23 spending the night with 5 day sewers. If there are any openings in September then members can invite a guest.

Everyone who ordered clip-on lights from Ikea at the retreat can pick them up today from Ida. She bought some extra if others are interested and is always willing to have an excuse for another trip if more are needed! Thank you Ida!

May 17th Yard Sale – Eloise Brown
Our yard sale for sewing related items only is scheduled for our May meeting, May 17th. Please bag or bundle (dark fabrics, brights, etc.) your items and label everything with your name, item type and price. You will need to bring cash or write a check to PIecemakers for any purchases. The treasurer will separate and total tags from items purchased and pay each seller the following month. Whatever items DO NOT sell you MUST take home after the meeting or donate to White Elephant.

Block of the Month programs – Gail Goss
Twelve members made the Farm Girl block. Shari won the prize. Next month’s block is Wooly Sheep.

Three members made the Arcadia paper pieced block. Brenda D won the prize. Block 4 is next month’s block.

Quilts of Honor – Jill Hardison
The box for nominees for Quilts of Honor will be left in the cabinet so it’s always available. Jill found 6 more blocks in the cabinet and three members submitted more blocks at the meeting. She is working on assembling the quilts for the Memorial Day Concert. She will let us know if she needs help. Remember nominees must live in the same counties we live in. Keep making blocks!

Community Projects – Conie Reamey
In Conie’s absence, Eloise reminded everyone to continue making Fidget Quilts.

April’s Program – Debbie Duffle
Debbie will present a demonstration on tube quilting. No supplies are needed.

Sew and Tell – hosted by Susan Moore
Eloise B – two bags made at the retreat
Brenda P – Slice quilt from a Sweetwater pattern
Debbie D – Snowball quilt made from a layer cake. Great tip: She cut the tips off the
corners (rounded them) so there wasn’t a trip hazard when it’s on the bed.
– Tablerunner made using the tube quilting technique
Ida H – Dr. Seuss elephant quilt
Jill H – Accessory bag
Gail – brick quilt in flannel for her Dad’s birthday in April

Upcoming Quilt Shows
Pam reminded everyone of the Daisy Patch Quilt Show held on April 28 and 29th at the Cleburne County Fairgrounds. Admission is $5. She has bookmarks at the front table with information. Quilts can be entered just for show or to be judged. Quilts must be submitted on April 25 and April 26th from 9 am – 3 pm.

Ida Holt informed us that her husband, Dell, will be the guest conductor for the Army’s main touring band performing in Russellville on April 2nd.

Eloise suggested and the group agreed to have a Christmas gift exchange this year. When you are making something fun or you really like, make a second for the exchange. It will be held at the November meeting with cookies and coffee.

If you aren’t a friend on Facebook yet, you are missing out on some great pictures posted by members of various activities. The page is called PIECEMAKER. Come on and join the fun!

Paper Piecing Program followed the meeting hosted by Doris Brown

Next Meeting
Wednesday, April 19th – 10 am at the Methodist Church in Clinton, AR.

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