Pickleball A Fast Growing Sport

PickleballPictured above, Slo Poke and Mac McLey enjoy Pickleball on the tennis courts on a beautiful day. Pickle ball is the fastest growing sport in the U.S.Invented in the state of Washington in 1965,now being played in all 50 states.Pickle ballers have taken over tennis facilities all over the country.The Villages in Florida has over 100 courts and they are building more!!Tournaments are being played all over the country,our city of Hot Springs being one of those places.Played by people from 20 to 90,a fun way to get a good work out.We currently have about 20 people playing in the Bay at the Heart Center 3 days a week.We also play outside at the tennis courts.Our group has invited many time share guest to play with us and most of them it was their first time.A new retirement community is being built in New Mexico around pickle ball courts,the courts are in the middle and already built!Pickle ball is a great sport for our retiring baby boomers.More fishing news next week

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