$$Pedaling For $$

thThe Club Board and staff, constantly seeking ways to improve operational revenues at amenities, are adding a new revenue producer that will be a new, fun way to enjoy the lake for owners and guests alike. The FFB Marina is a tranquil place to enjoy the water, protected from wave action by the superb breakwater. Many people want to enjoy that inviting water without the expense of owning or renting a large, gas consuming boat. Beginning this summer, pedal powered water thrills will be offered. The FFB Marina is acquiring four pedal/paddle boats that can be rented in 30 minute segments to permit tours of the marina and adjoining cove. Both 2 person and 4 person boats will be available, insuring families with small children can enjoy the experience in a single boat. The investment in these 4 boats is $11K and adds no additional staffing requirements or maintenance issues. Rates will be $10 per 1/2 hour for 2 seaters and $15 per 1/2 hour for 4 seaters. Payback on investment will be less than one year, based on our least favorable projection, targeting payback of the $11K investment with an additional $9K profit this year. Life expectancy for the boats is 5 – 7 years, yielding a targeted net revenue production in excess of $100K during their lifecycle – a great return for our owner-investors. This fun, new experience will be promoted at all our welcome breakfasts for Bay visitors this year. The pedal boats are expected to be in service prior to Memorial Day. Community Club Board of Directors Dwayne Miller

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