Hello Fairfield Bay!! We wanted to take the time to share a few success stories with you! Our wonderful FFB Shelter Dogs have found NEW and wonderful homes in New Hampshire thanks to combined rescue efforts.


Duke was at the FFB shelter for over a year, he had been adopted and returned, through NO fault of his own.. But here he is at HOME in NH with his Family!!! Way to go Duke!



Next is Molly. Another pup that had been in the shelter since June of last year, her large size and mixture of breed hindered alot of perspective adopters, but ONE family just knew that she was meant to be theirs.. and here she is with her mom and “kids”, they said she came in and fit like a glove, a true heartwarmer!!! Molly, your beautiful!



And then little Drama! This pup was brought in by a passerby who found him in a ditch, it appeared he had been swiped by a car. That very day he was taken to the vet where he was cleaned up and given a good bill of health, now he is living his days in the lap of luxury in New Hampshire.. So happy to see our furbabies doing so well!!! Thank You from all Our Furry Friends

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